Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My son knows his music.

On the way home from school yesterday we (the children & I) were listening to Sirius Satellite Radio and the On-Air Personality - is that PC or what? - was talking about how excited she was because Mick Jones was going to be in the studio soon. Her specific comment went something along the lines of ...because he was in the Clash, one of the most influential bands blah, blah, blah... Well, I hear Ethan say:

"I love The Clash."

A little shocked I reply: "Oh yea, what is your favorite Clash song?"

Instead of giving me a song title he bursts into song:

"This is Radio Clash on Pirate Satellite..."

I was shocked and amazed, I mean what 6 year old in the 21st Century knows his Clash. Apparently mine does. Have I done a good job or what?

Oh by the way, I'm taking him to see the Foo Fighters for his 7th birthday. I'm going to be a cool MOM!

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