Friday, November 13, 2009

My daddy has a funky stench.

My kids and I made this up for The Husband...aka...Daddy. Sing it to the tune of the Foo Fighters Monkey Wrench.

What have we done with pleasant scents

It disappeared with time, it never made much sense

Adolescent fumigant

Wasting another night on smelling up my room

One in ten, One in ten, One in ten

My daddy has a funky stench

One more bathroom accident

I’d rather leave than suffer this

I’ll never smell your funky stench

All this time to take a bath

What do you do when all your clothing is a mess

Now and then I’ll try to bend

Under pressure wind up snapping in the end

One in ten, One in Ten, One in Ten

My daddy has a funky stench

One more bathroom accident

I’d rather leave than suffer this

I’ll never smell your funky stench

One more thing before I quit

I only wanted a little less grit

In my nose I still remember every single smell

You dealt and all the dirt and the smell that came with it

Still there’s one thing that comforts me since now

I have my sense of smell I’m free

My daddy has a funky stench

One more bathroom accident

I’d rather leave than suffer this

I’ll never smell your funky stench

My daddy has a funky stench (a funky stench)

My daddy has a funky stench (a funky stench)

My daddy has a funky stench (a funky stench)

My daddy has a funky stench

Monday, October 5, 2009

My 3 tips to getting dinner ready in a flash

Samsung is doing a wonderful thing - offering a refrigerator for your 3 tips to getting dinner ready in a flash. If you have kids you know that they can go from "No, I'm not hungry" to "I need dinner NOW!" in a flash. Well, at least in my household. I am the mother of two boys with hollow legs. So here is what I can offer anyone needing an idea.

1) Have a plan. I find that I'm always better equipped to get dinner ready if I'm not fumbling around having to come up with an idea for dinner. We get together each week as a family and everyone gets to choose one meal for the week. They can't say no to something they picked to eat right? It also helps me to make an accurate list and have everything I need for a week of meals.

2) Double team them. Make dinner as a family. I can't be the only lucky one who's husband helps in the kitchen. He grills, I make the sides. He chops I saute. Even get the kids involved and get them to do some of the prep or setting dishes it can't hurt.

3) ALWAYS HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN. I have two very active boys and sometimes accidents happens. Football practice runs late, the washing machine overflows, the cat gets caught in the soccer net or you have a flat tire on the way home. (Knock on wood.) I always have one or two emergency meals available. Whether it be hot dogs or frozen pizza, it always helps to have something handy to deal with life's curve balls.

Good luck! Hope you get your husband to chop the onions next time.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Where is the heart of my home?

Samsung Appliances has asked Twittermoms, to answer a simple question. Where is the heart of your home?

Well, simple it is not. The heart of my home starts at the front door and ends at the back. Each part my home signifies the four chambers of the heart. The four of us live in a small home. Less than 15oo square feet.

The first chamber - the formal areas. How can I not say that the living room where my husband surprised me for my 40th birthday isn't a part of that heart. The dining room where all our family meals take place isn't part of that heart. We laugh, we argue, we do our homework. We live.

The second chamber - kitchen and den. We truly LIVE her. The island where the kids stare at the cooling cookies or help me knead the dough for the homemade bread they so wanted and then refused to eat. The den where the family watches movies - and is the only place big enough to sort the laundry on laundry day.

The third chamber would be the kids room. They play and have fun and have all their stuff inside. Where goodnight kisses are applied liberally. Where hugs are in abundance and where clutter is just routine.

The fourth and last chamber is the master suite. I say suite, but its really just our bedroom. Love abounds in this room. Between husband and wife, parents & children. Its the place I snuggle up with the kids when daddy works late. Its the place where daddy snuggles with the kids when Mom is cooking/cleaning or just needs "a moment" to get caught up. Its where the sick little one sleeps with Mommy when the asthma kicks in so I can keep my eye on him.

My house is where I live with my most precious possessions: My husband and my two boys. My house is where my heart resides - every corner of it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Notice anything missing?

So last night H2 got up after we put him in bed with one of his front teeth hanging by a thread. Today he came home from school and lost the other one. Obviously he will be going hungry for the next few days till he learns how to eat without them.

He's going to be rich!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rearranged the Boys' Room....Again

E & H2 have been complaining that there is not enough room to play in their room. After quiet deliberation, a light bulb went off. I worked and worked and got the headboards off the beds and put them together on one wall. Now they can put their heads together or switch the covers and sleep away from each other (I suspect that will happen, on my suggestion, when it gets to loud.)

They seem to like it, and The Husband - he just thinks its weird.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

H's Turn

So after a nice walk with E yesterday. H2 & I went for our walk tonight. We went after dinner so we were better fueled and H2 had tons more energy than Ethan did last night. We went 4.5 miles he was a trooper. We had a lot of fun. The most fun was the beaver we saw swimming across the lake. See:

Now I know that they can make it so expect a lot more trips boys.

Its Official

Although yesterday is the last day of school, TODAY is the first day of Summer Vacation. I'm not sure what we are going to do. The kids are already clamoring to go see their Grandma & Papa, but they have other visitors so we have to wait a few days. The kids bottom lip is poking out, but I think I can manage to distract them. We have the arboretum, the lake, skates & bikes.

Cleaning!! We all know how much kids like to clean. I'm jumping for joy just thinking about it.

My main problem is I can't find my bathing suit. I think I left it at my grandmother's house, but I can't get anyone to call me back and confirm. UGH! I don't want to go buy one if mine is where I am going.

The kids did there best to stay up late as they could last night. H2 made it to 11:45 while E had to be forced to go to bed at 12:30. E is still sleeping. I'm making breakfast. YIPPEE!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

E didn't quit on me

E complains a lot that he doesn't get enough "Mom" alone time. So this afternoon we set out to take on the lake. Just us. We left at 6 - ended up walking 5 miles crossed 3 bridges and saw baby ducks, a heron, a snake and an ambulance helping a hurt biker. To E's dismay, we didn't make it in time before the ambulance drove off to see any carnage, but he knew it happened and it made him feel better. I of course did not point out the giant puddle of blood when we walked by and he was kind enough to not notice.

He was tired and when he got home ate an omelet, 3 pieces of bacon and about 12 pancakes. Since today was his last day of school he gets to stay up as late as daddy. Hmm, that should be fun.

Friday, March 27, 2009