Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Who did your hair? I've got to get an appointment.

It was nice this morning......

Ethan taking a rest after trying very hard to "POP SOME WHEELIES" on his bike.

Hunter, showing off his STUNTMAN skills.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Boot Camp!

The boys were off to Boot Camp at William's today. It was William's 7th Birthday Party and everyone was drafted into his army. The boys got in their camouflage face painting first.
Ethan was first, and then came Hunter.
Then came the fun activities. The boys took a ride down the zip-line. What fun!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

More pictures with Big Grandma

Its always important every time we go visit the folks to get pictures of each of the boys with Big Grandma, my grandmother and my children's great-grandmother. She's 86 years young and doesn't get around as well as she used to, heck she doesn't do anything as well as she used to.

But she's got a good attitude and she's lucky enough to have to people as dedicated to making her happy no matter what. Thanks Mom & Dad for taking care of her as well as you do. She talks all the time about how much you do for her. She's a lucky woman.

Mom 1, Kids 0

My children are insane - really they are just kids and they expect to get whatever they want. I instigated a new rule.

You have to earn your privileges, instead of just taking them away when they are bad. They want to watch TV they have to earn it by making their beds, cleaning their toys, behaving while we are running errands - oh, and not complain that we have to run errands.

Its kind of worked for today. We even took a long walk and Ethan didn't complain.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My children are resting quietly in front of the TV after a long and tiring day. I was suppose to hold an open house this morning that was unexpectedly canceled, but I decided to keep the babysitter and made an impromptu massage appointment. It was wonderful.

They enjoyed themselves with Josephine from around the corner. Little sister of the famous babysitter Melia, and they were really excited to have her come for the morning.

It was nice to be able to run to Target and other places without one of the kids saying they wanted to go home.

I turned the sprinkler on this afternoon for a few minutes and let them play in it after I watered the garden. After a deluge of rain in May & June, we have seen none in the last 2 weeks and the garden was looking kind of blah. The kids enjoyed a good sprinkle and then ate a great dinner. Now they are eagerly watching the Fresh Water episode of Planet Earth. Currently talking about otters. A little science never hurt anyone.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Its all over.

We had a great time in SA. When I asked Ethan & Hunter what the best part of the trip was they both said "MEETING TOMMIE!" They truly enjoyed spending time with everyone and of course as always love the pool at Big Grandma's.

I have to suck up a little to my parents for doing so much - you were awesome, I can't have Stehle out doing me on the suck up thing. The tomatoes you sent home are fabulous! And Dad you can drive my car anytime you like.

Brice, Amy, Brandon, Lizzy & of course little Tom. I had such a great time and I hope that I will get to see you next year as Mason has given me his blessing on coming out. Love you guys!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fredricksburg, Texas

First we went down the wrong highway to get to Cross Mountain, because our parents gave us bad directions. Bad Mom & Dad!!! Then Mom directed us to the "Visitors Center" which turned out to be a museum that some scary craggly old German woman scolded me up one side and down the other. We finally made it to Cross Mountain. Brice concentrated on finding arrowheads, the kids quickly joined in.

I of course took pictures of the view. This was a nice church steeple about a mile off in the distance.

Then we were off to a picnic lunch at Lady Bird National Park. Of course it started to rain on us but I couldn't resist taking pictures of a bunch of backsides bending over the dam. Also the "Three Amigos" Ethan, Blake & Hunter.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The long ride down.

Today we went to SeaWorld. It was lots of fun. First we saw Shamu's show; and then it was off to the Journey to Atlantis water ride. First Row is Lizzy, Brandon & Ethan, behind them on the right are Blake and Uncle Robbie. I don't think Blake had the best time, but Ethan was ready to go again. Unfortunately for him he was 3 inches too short for the Steel Eel.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Susan, you can cry now.

Last night we all got together for a little food and in Texas that means a feast. We had brisket, beans, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, fresh tomatoes & mozzarella, bread, devilled eggs and more. We then wheeled Big Grandma out on the deck, and took some pictures.

There is Robbie, Walt (aka, Dad), Durk and Brice along the back, then Blake, Hunter Big Grandma, Ethan and Brandon way down in front. The only one missing - Tommie, he just plain wasn't having any pictures, he'd had enough for the day.

Then we got the girls together and had Cheryl, Dijea, Lizzy, Judy (aka Mom) along the back and Stehle, Big Grandma & Amy down in front.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stehle Reunion

Today I did something I haven't done in 25 years. Attend a Stehle family reunion. My dad's mom was a Stehle. I knew a few people, most I didn't - Hunter was recognized as the youngest there. The boys had a great time playing.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Adventures in Grandma's backyard

The boys, and their cousin Blake had tons of adventures since meeting up at Grandma & Grandpa's house today. They picked okra, tomatoes, and played in the jungle. Check it out.

Friday, July 13, 2007

We're off to see the wizard

We are off to Grandma & Papa's house tomorrow. My cousins from New Zealand, Brice with his wife Amy & their little one Tom & Brandon with his significant other Lizzy, will be coming in to see Big Grandma and all the other Texas Relatives including their Dad in Corpus Christi.

We will meet up with my sister Stehle's family, my brother's family and have a ton of fun in San Antonio - hopefully too a lot of Mexican food and maybe one margarita, although I will probably be on driving duty so that may be a pipe dream.

I can't wait to meet my little cousin - wee ones are so much fun.

We will also hit the Stehle family reunion on Sunday - I haven't been to one of those in about 25 years so it should be interesting. I will be surprised if I actually know anyone. The thought of walking into a room with a ton of relatives that I don't know is actually kind of terrifying.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Daddy to the rescue

What a day!! The car was in the shop, the kids would not listen to a single thing I said - they lost TV, Video games & Gameboys for the rest of today and into tomorrow.

Why you ask? Well, being in the real estate business I have to look at houses, I do a lot of administrative work for one particular agent (I love her so much - she's an angel!) Anyway the kids and I went to go measure a house for her today - Thank goodness the house was vacant, but my children spend 20 minutes using a 3.3 million dollar vacant 6800 square foot house as a WWF wrestling ring. Totally - body slams, head butts, you name it. And what does Ms. Fabulous agent do? In typical grandma style she pays them for helping out. Now yes, they held the other end of the measuring tape, but they were by no means well behaved.

When I informed them of their punishment for the wrestling thing, Ethan pulled a "Then you can't come in the house.", "You are so mean." and then I got the look. You know the "Look" like he's actually going to intimidate me.

Well, Daddy called and he got out of his class a little early tonight, so he did bedtime duty and read a few books to the boys and gave me a few minutes to write this. Daddy is a good Daddy!! The picture only includes Mason & Hunter because Ethan wouldn't take a picture without sticking his tongue out.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I must soak my weary bones.

Ethan, has been trying to perfect certain "tricks" on his Razor scooter. Some go well, others we won't talk about. After several boo boos that were almost going to bleed we decided on a nice bubble bath to soak his weary bones.

Monday, July 9, 2007

See my Green Thumb

Tonight we had fresh fried okra picked from our backyard garden and steamed summer squash also from our garden. Ethan said, "Boy, this fried okra is really good." Hunter is not a vegetable man, but he ate a little of both.

As you can see the squash is creeping slowly across the driveway and the okra is chest high and is beginning to produce enough to eat on a regular basis. We should have some good vegetables for the rest of the summer.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

God, can we have some sunshine?

Yet again, we had nothing but rain. It's been a constant drip from the heavens. I realize that this time last year we were begging you for rain, our grass looked like hay and we were waiting completely impatiently for the hour of the day we could water. But I would, and I'm sure most Texans would agree, prefer my rain in little bursts, maybe once a week or once every two weeks, not everyday for 3 months. I mean we have already had more than our average rainfall for the year. Over 35 inches so far this year and its only July. Please, can you make it stop for just a little bit. My kids are suppose to be enjoying the summer having fun outdoors, not watching TV and playing video games all day.

Your loving supporter and big believer.

I felt the need to put it in writing, I hope that expedites my plea.

Happy Birthday America & Katharine!

We had a wonderful 4th of July. The family went to Rodney & Leslie's (Mason's brother & his wife) for food, fun and more. Our niece Katherine celebrated her birthday and everyone had tons of fun.

The weather was actually nice and the kids enjoyed fun in the pool, the big boys enjoyed a game of pool volleyball. There was fabulous food and I probably gained a few pounds, but it was worth it; and this morning the boys actually slept past nine - so I guess they wore themselves out.

Thanks other Coplin family for a great bunch of holiday fun!! Can't wait for next year.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sunshine? No, More Rain.

Well after a few appointments and a trip to the grocery store, my husband was off to the salt mine, aka a very busy and well known ER, to do some more clinical training for his degree. Anyway, I looked outside and OMG, I saw some sun. I didn't get to workout this morning, so I thought I could burn a little calories mowing the yard and then the kids could play outside.

Well, after about an hour and at least a quart, probably more like a gallon, of sweat later the yard was mowed I herded the children out the door and we set off to play I Spy. 5 minutes later it started sprinkling so in we went. I said I needed to take a shower and off they went to neutral corners with their gameboys. I got out of the shower and OMG again, there was more sunshine I opened the door to let them out and it thundered. I give up.