Friday, July 20, 2007

Its all over.

We had a great time in SA. When I asked Ethan & Hunter what the best part of the trip was they both said "MEETING TOMMIE!" They truly enjoyed spending time with everyone and of course as always love the pool at Big Grandma's.

I have to suck up a little to my parents for doing so much - you were awesome, I can't have Stehle out doing me on the suck up thing. The tomatoes you sent home are fabulous! And Dad you can drive my car anytime you like.

Brice, Amy, Brandon, Lizzy & of course little Tom. I had such a great time and I hope that I will get to see you next year as Mason has given me his blessing on coming out. Love you guys!!

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Anonymous said...

We all loved hanging out with you guys, and Tom is talking about seeing 'my cousins' all the time!
Thanks so much for hanging out with us, and showing us around - we had such a fab time in SA.
Would LOVE to see you next year, looking forward to it already!
Love Amyxxxxxx