Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Daddy to the rescue

What a day!! The car was in the shop, the kids would not listen to a single thing I said - they lost TV, Video games & Gameboys for the rest of today and into tomorrow.

Why you ask? Well, being in the real estate business I have to look at houses, I do a lot of administrative work for one particular agent (I love her so much - she's an angel!) Anyway the kids and I went to go measure a house for her today - Thank goodness the house was vacant, but my children spend 20 minutes using a 3.3 million dollar vacant 6800 square foot house as a WWF wrestling ring. Totally - body slams, head butts, you name it. And what does Ms. Fabulous agent do? In typical grandma style she pays them for helping out. Now yes, they held the other end of the measuring tape, but they were by no means well behaved.

When I informed them of their punishment for the wrestling thing, Ethan pulled a "Then you can't come in the house.", "You are so mean." and then I got the look. You know the "Look" like he's actually going to intimidate me.

Well, Daddy called and he got out of his class a little early tonight, so he did bedtime duty and read a few books to the boys and gave me a few minutes to write this. Daddy is a good Daddy!! The picture only includes Mason & Hunter because Ethan wouldn't take a picture without sticking his tongue out.

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