Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sunshine? No, More Rain.

Well after a few appointments and a trip to the grocery store, my husband was off to the salt mine, aka a very busy and well known ER, to do some more clinical training for his degree. Anyway, I looked outside and OMG, I saw some sun. I didn't get to workout this morning, so I thought I could burn a little calories mowing the yard and then the kids could play outside.

Well, after about an hour and at least a quart, probably more like a gallon, of sweat later the yard was mowed I herded the children out the door and we set off to play I Spy. 5 minutes later it started sprinkling so in we went. I said I needed to take a shower and off they went to neutral corners with their gameboys. I got out of the shower and OMG again, there was more sunshine I opened the door to let them out and it thundered. I give up.

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Hen Clicks said...

My, my...how you do exaggerate!