Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My children are resting quietly in front of the TV after a long and tiring day. I was suppose to hold an open house this morning that was unexpectedly canceled, but I decided to keep the babysitter and made an impromptu massage appointment. It was wonderful.

They enjoyed themselves with Josephine from around the corner. Little sister of the famous babysitter Melia, and they were really excited to have her come for the morning.

It was nice to be able to run to Target and other places without one of the kids saying they wanted to go home.

I turned the sprinkler on this afternoon for a few minutes and let them play in it after I watered the garden. After a deluge of rain in May & June, we have seen none in the last 2 weeks and the garden was looking kind of blah. The kids enjoyed a good sprinkle and then ate a great dinner. Now they are eagerly watching the Fresh Water episode of Planet Earth. Currently talking about otters. A little science never hurt anyone.

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