Monday, October 5, 2009

My 3 tips to getting dinner ready in a flash

Samsung is doing a wonderful thing - offering a refrigerator for your 3 tips to getting dinner ready in a flash. If you have kids you know that they can go from "No, I'm not hungry" to "I need dinner NOW!" in a flash. Well, at least in my household. I am the mother of two boys with hollow legs. So here is what I can offer anyone needing an idea.

1) Have a plan. I find that I'm always better equipped to get dinner ready if I'm not fumbling around having to come up with an idea for dinner. We get together each week as a family and everyone gets to choose one meal for the week. They can't say no to something they picked to eat right? It also helps me to make an accurate list and have everything I need for a week of meals.

2) Double team them. Make dinner as a family. I can't be the only lucky one who's husband helps in the kitchen. He grills, I make the sides. He chops I saute. Even get the kids involved and get them to do some of the prep or setting dishes it can't hurt.

3) ALWAYS HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN. I have two very active boys and sometimes accidents happens. Football practice runs late, the washing machine overflows, the cat gets caught in the soccer net or you have a flat tire on the way home. (Knock on wood.) I always have one or two emergency meals available. Whether it be hot dogs or frozen pizza, it always helps to have something handy to deal with life's curve balls.

Good luck! Hope you get your husband to chop the onions next time.

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Judy said...

Not a bad system. It's the weekly planning that would do me in.