Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Letting go of the aggravations.

I don't post here very much - this is more about my kids than me and I apparently am not a very good Mommy Blogger.

But let me say this:  People piss me off sometimes.  I am having problems with H2 and his asthma, so I go on a mommy advice site I belong to, and I get 3 people trying to sell me cleaners, 2 trying to sell me vitamins and 1 who tells me I need to keep my kid away from smoky parties & not allow him to go outside.

Seriously?!?!?!  Do people really think that I often take my asthmatic 6 year old to smoky clubs and then can't figure out why he's having trouble breathing.  That, I also shove his face in every pollen filled flower I see in the spring and during the summer, I shove his nose in the freshly mowed lawn.   Oh or maybe that when I'm doing my hair and spraying hairspray I call him so he can get some in his face?  Also, that one mother who suggested I teach my kid about his meds and how to use his equipment for when I leave him alone...I hope you don't leave your 6 year old alone.  Are you sure you are qualified to even be on this site?

Let me say this:
1.  I use organic, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaner.
2.  On advice of my doctor I do not use a humidifier as my Pediatrician, Pulmanologist & ENT told me they are a breeding ground for bacteria - no matter how much chemicals you stick in them.  I don't use chemicals, they are not good for his lungs.
3.  No, I'm not going to shove crap from the health food store that is untried or that some Earth-Momma says is the cure to end all cures.
4.  I am not taking my 6 year old to a chiropractor - CHIROPRACTORS ARE NOT ASTHMA DOCTORS.  If you use a Chiropractor good for you - my board certified doctors on this case DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.  I would go to an Acupuncturist way before I'd hit a Chiropractor

I asked for advice because I have hit a wall, not because I am a mother who doesn't know what is good or bad for her child.  If you  have a suggestion - I'd love to hear it, but if you want to hock your products to me, keep your mouth shut.  I also don't want to hear your political ideas, your thoughts on religion and who has the right to and not to marry.

Thanks for listening - I feel tons better now.

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Better with a Bow said...

Hang in there. The asthma is here to stay, it is a part of who H2 is. Sweetie, just accept it. If you do get upset, that will upset him and make the whole process harder. Is there an asthma support group in town? Probably would be good for you and H2. I am sure the docs are working on getting rid of the stuff, your job is to help H2 cope with it, like climbing over or walking around the bolder in your way. You are a tough cookie, you can do this.
You and H2 are megga loved.