Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Exciting Nights!

I am in Sinus Infection HE double toothpicks! Both boys have sinus infections, they are coughing like there is a foreign body that needs to come out and now Ethan has a headache and is actually laying in bed.

Last night was crazy and at 12:30 we decided to move Mr. Hunter into bed with me and Mason slept in his bed in the same room as Ethan. At 1:00 Hunter got some more decongestant. From 1:00 to 1:30 Hunter & I were watching the Pink Panther on Cartoon Network & at 1:30 Hunter took a hot steamy shower. By 2:00 he was breathing out of his nose and sleeping like a rock. Ethan on the other hand did really good from 11:00 to about 5:30 when he started coughing like a cat hocking up a fur ball.

Both boys took hot showers and compared the color of the snot they coughed up (oh joy!) and Hunter is way farther ahead of Ethan on the getting better scale, however Ethan has been suffering longer so he probably has more to get over.

Happy Thanksgiving to us!!

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