Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Thanksgiving Feast

On top of the day's sickness drama, it was the Thanksgiving Feast at Hunter's Preschool. Everyone got a line, Hunter's was "Its cold here, I'm not used to the winter." or something like that. He pulled it off, spoke loud and probably will be the actor in the family. Also of note is that of the three pilgrim girls directly behind him, two are his "ex-girlfriends". He is one hot ladies man.

It was an absolutely darling performance, the dress rehearsal went off without a hitch. During the actual performance one girl stopped and started with OK and then got the giggles. It was the most adorable thing. Then the kids started yelling the lines instead of speaking them. The teachers did an awesome job to put together a great play & get 14 four & five year olds to actually remember and deliver their lines. YEA TEACHERS!

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Hen Clicks said...

Nice report. Bet the teachers appreciated these comments. Kids are fun, aren't they?