Wednesday, June 3, 2009

E didn't quit on me

E complains a lot that he doesn't get enough "Mom" alone time. So this afternoon we set out to take on the lake. Just us. We left at 6 - ended up walking 5 miles crossed 3 bridges and saw baby ducks, a heron, a snake and an ambulance helping a hurt biker. To E's dismay, we didn't make it in time before the ambulance drove off to see any carnage, but he knew it happened and it made him feel better. I of course did not point out the giant puddle of blood when we walked by and he was kind enough to not notice.

He was tired and when he got home ate an omelet, 3 pieces of bacon and about 12 pancakes. Since today was his last day of school he gets to stay up as late as daddy. Hmm, that should be fun.


Grade School Rocks said...

Scireicely, it was hard on me

Judy said...

I see you are doing some "creative" spelling in your comments. Interesting.

How could you possible eat 12 pancakes?