Friday, June 22, 2007

Time for some Wii

Note to Moms & future Moms: do not take away TV or Video games on rainy days. It is awful. Wednesday night the monsters refused to go to bed, I told then (like any mother would who just wanted some quiet) "IF I HAVE TO COME IN HERE ONE MORE TIME, YOU WILL LOSE TV AND VIDEO GAMES TOMORROW!" Well, of course I had to come in there, they are 6 & 4 what did I expect? That they were actually going to listen to me this time?

Well, Thursday ended up being a dreary rainy day and they were stuck inside all day - all I heard was "I'm bored!" or "What can we do now?" It was one of those times where you really want to give in and say "JUST GO WATCH SOME TV." but I was strong, I held my ground and they did not watch TV. I feel like I passed a big Mom hurdle. YEA!! (Applause please!) Anyway we've had a 1/2 rainy, 1/2 hot sauna of a day here today, with some late afternoon showers expected. Thank goodness for the Wii.

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