Saturday, June 23, 2007

Turco the Shmurco

I have two cats, Zelda & Turco. Turco is a Manx and my troublemaker. He is an in-your-face kind of kitty. He is hyper, almost manic if you ask me. He has brought me snakes, mice, cicadas, cockroaches (It is so fun to open the backdoor and have the cat drop a roach at your feet.) and my favorite: an owl. Though the owl did survive after dropping it off at a avian rehabilitation center. I'm sure you're thinking - no birds? No he doesn't leave me any birds, he eats them. I have never wanted to hurl so much as I have when I walk up to the cat and he's chomping on some pour bird's body. I may blow just thinking about it.

My husband even saw the cat catch a bird twenty feet in the air. The cat ran up a tree and when the bird flew off, he jumped, caught the bird in his paws, put it in his mouth and landed on the ground and off he went to eat it. Well, I have to admit I have seen no strange animals around the house lately.

He also lives to sit behind my head and dig himself into my hair. I have very thick hair and when he gets his claws or teeth into it - it hurts. In fact, he just sharpened his claws on the rug and then ran across the suede sofa before ramming into the wall. I threw him out. Sometimes I think he's a pickle short of a deli plate.


Dijea said...

I want to behead him

Dijea said...

i don't my husband does