Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Sunday, Another Trip to the ER

What is it about Sunday's that makes some higher power decide that we should spend it in the ER? Yes, again on a Sunday night instead of doing normal Sunday night family stuff and going to bed and getting ready for another week of school, we spent it in the ER.

Ethan ran out of his room as we were putting him to bed tonight and managed to get his finger caught in the door. It had a noticeable dent where the door hit it and immediately turned purple. I jumped on the Motrin, grabbed the ice pack and Mason & I decided he needed to go to the ER and get an X-Ray. I drew the short straw and off we went. After a painful 3 hour wait in the ER waiting room we finally got into the back were immediately X-Rayed and in came the DR who looked at the very swollen purple finger and said he needed to check the X-Ray again. He came back and informed us it wasn't broken only a deep tissue bruise. OOH Baby!! So he's now in a splint and full of Motrin and hopefully off to dreamland.

I'm off to bed myself. Good night.

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