Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday's Adventures

For the next three weeks Ethan's PE activity is roller skating. For me this brings up memories of disco lights, and Gloria Gaynor's I will survive. For him it just brings disappointment because he can't skate the first week because of his finger. He doesn't quite get the you will injure yourself more if you fall on it while skating. His Coach was awesome this morning and suggested that he be her personal helper during PE helping everyone get properly outfitted. He looked a little more encourage to attend PE, but he was still not ecstatic.

Hunter on the other hand has "kind of" been my little helper today. We made the beds, he sort-of cleaned his playroom and he picked up a little in his room. We did several errands and did great except that he believes we need a "cat house" for the cats which really translates to big giant expensive cat-tree furniture. His favorite one was on sale for $143 which is just a little out of the budget. The cats would probably love it though. I think I will send this argument to his father and let them work it out.

Off to lunches and the next round of laundry and housework.

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